Lípa třetího tisíciletí|Limetree Of The Third Millenium   


(2008, performance pro tři 16 mm promítačky|performance for three 16 mm projectors, 32 min., bar.|color, polsky & česky|Polish & Czech )



In fact, it is a film, that is semi-simultaneously projected by three projectors: as soon as the film stripe exits first projector, it goes into second one, and from second one it continues to the third one. It is moved during the projection with the projectors, so that polymorph multiscreen blending images is created live. The film itself is about a journey to Polish Silesia, to the town Wambierzyce that is built after a description of Celestial Jerusalem. During the journey I met Polish Jehovists, Table Mountains and full Moon. In the town, there is a hill Golgota where leads extremely rich sculptural way of the Cross and another 58 open chapels with the scenes from Jesus’ life. Besides this, there is a basilic as well, where is located a fragment of ancient miraculous wooden scuplture of Virgin. It was autumn and fallen golden leaves ressembled to the thousands of golden righteous souls…