Bakalářský cyklus COAGULA|Bachelor's Cycle COAGULA   


(2005-2007, 16 min., ČB & bar.|BW & color, němé|silent, 16 mm)

(2005-2007, text (PDF)

(2005-2007, partitury|scores)



Coagula exists in three modalities: as a fifty-page essay, as a structural score, as a 16mm positive film print. None of these modalities is superior to the others and whole cycle can be understood after the reception of all the three modalities. The one and only question is “what is film”. I try to answer it using these artifacts. The four parts question all the crucial elements in the chain of a cinematographic process. "Gessoing Of Canvas" speaks on screen, "Projectionist Adalbert Levý" speaks on projector and projectionist, "And He Fares Without An Adulterant" is about dichotomy of negative and positive material, dichotomy of the light in the projector and the darkness in the camera and "Into Infinity An Archstone" is about the reality in front of of movie camera. Coagula films are siblinks of conceptual and structural films and whole work is strongly inspired by alchemy – a work on Opus Magnum.




Šepsování plátna|Gessoing Of Canvas:


Promítač Adalbert Levý|Projectionist Adalbert Levý:

Svetrový vzor na pletení – světový vzor|___:


A bez příměsi putuje|And He Fares Without An Adulterant:


Do nekonečna klenák|Into Infinity An Archstone: